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Ready to change your life? The Team of professionals at the wellness center of new York can help you do just that.

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At The Wellness Center of New York, We Teach You Everything You Need to Create OPTIMAL Health & Wellness

This includes proper focus on fitness, how the structure of the human body determines health, nutrition, proper supplementation, and stress management. Total wellness is mastering how to balance all of this to make a lifestyle change that promotes great health and happiness.

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The best team in NYC

Meet our Wellness Team!

With nearly 70 years of experience combined, the doctors at the wellness center of ny are more than knowledgeable enough to resolve over 95% of muscle, bone, and other misalignment providing their customers the comfort they never knew they needed.

Dr. Craig Fishel


Practicing for 20 years


Care Coordinator

20 years of experience

Dr. Shelby Simon

Wellness Chiropractor

7 years experience

Julie Rose Sigue

Physical Therapist

Over 20 years experience

Lets us help you get back to wellness

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Location and Contact

234 East 60th Street, New York, NY 10022


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