Turn the Power On with Power Cord

Imagine if everything in your house were powered by one cable. The microwave, the garage, the lights, and the refrigerator. Everything from the air conditioner to the toilet. How would you treat that power source? Would you let anything pinch it? Would you shove it in the corner and forget about it?

Your nervous system is like that power, and your spine is the power cord. Every part of your body is controlled by your nerves, and they all run up and down your spine. The column of vertebrae that wraps around the nerves is supposed to protect that vital, sensitive system. Trauma to the spine or poor posture can cause the vertebrae to hurt the nervous system rather than protect it. If the nerve that runs from your brain to your stomach is getting pinched, how do you think that will affect your health?

So why don’t we take better care of the power cord in our bodies?  Take a look around you and you’ll probably see someone slouching. Picture all those nerves running through their spine and how they are getting twisted and bent when that person slumps his or her head to read a text message.  Take a look in the mirror and you’ll probably notice you have less than ideal posture. What do you think this is doing to your health?

People know to go to the chiropractor when they have neck or back pain, but what about all the other ailments that might be caused by a compromised nervous system? It takes a trained chiropractor to examine your spine to find out which areas of your body might be affected by a misalignment.

Dr. Craig Fishel has treated thousands of patients, and watched their illnesses and discomforts disappear or improve with chiropractic care. Anything from seasonal allergies to irritable bowel syndrome.  The next time you think of popping a pill with harsh side effects, or going under the knife, think about going to a chiropractor first.

Your body is a home that you can’t escape – it’s time to start taking care of its power source!

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